Tuesday, November 1, 2011

DID KIM KARDASHIAN DIVORCE KRIS HUMPHRIES FOR REGGIE BUSH?!?! EXCLUSIVELY told you that over the weekend, Kim Kardashian had lunch with her ex-BF Reggie Bush in NYC. Two days later, Kim filed to DIVORCE her current husband.

The OFFICIAL reason for Kim's filing is "Irreconcilable Differences." But we're told that Kims conversation with REGGIE BUSH could VERY WELL have been a factor also.

According to a person close to Reggie, the discussion at one point turned to whether the pair could ever RECONCILE.

The insider told,"Reggie told her that he would not do ANYTHING with her unless she was single. She had to get an official DIVORCE before he would ever even consider having a physical relationship with Kim."

Soooo . . . now it's all starting to make sense. Reggie mush have some kinda GOLDEN D*CK . . . if it makes you LEAVE YOUR HUSBAND over it!!!


Kat Smith said...

This is so funny! a golden dick eh?! As Kim always say in her show.. 'this is so ridiculous' ... well, obviously Kim just used Kris. After that $20 million worth wedding then the fairytale divorce after 72 days. $20 million would’ve been more than enough to feed the hungry people in Africa. $2 million, Kim’s engagement ring price tag, would’ve been more than enough to help the displaced flood victims in the Philippines and numbers of couples in america can have a decent marriage from this money. ... and where's the sanctity of marriage?

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