Wednesday, July 13, 2011


According to a member of Nicki's ENTOURAGE the two got into a PHYSICAL FIGHT... and that during the fight Nicki got HIT IN THE MOUTH. And the fight started because Nicki suspected her BF was texting AMBER ROSE!!!

It all began when Nicki, Safaree and their entourage were staying at the Palomar Hotel in Dallas two nights ago. The group was downstairs at the hotel pool, when all HECK BROKE LOOSE.

The insider, who was NOT there to witness the incident - but has FIRSTHAND knowledge, told, "Nicki is EXTREMELY jealous of Amber. Rose She thinks that she and [Safarree] were [having relations]." The insider continued, "Nicki took [Safaree]'s phone to see who he was texting. She always does that and he [usually] doesn't care. But this time he [protested] and they started arguing."

The arguing got louder, and the couple started making a scene. The insider continued, "It was very embarrassing, Nicki was all in his face and they were both yelling. It was very hood."

And that's when, the story gets MURKY.

Nicki and Safaree continued arguing, and returned to their HOTEL ROOM. While inside the two began to PHYSICALLY FIGHT - and according to our insider, NICKI and Safaree are telling people close to them that THE TWO WERE SCRAPPING!!!

Who threw WHAT punch is still not clear. Nicki told police that during the fight she attempted to THROW SAFAREE OUT OF THEIR ROOM. And that Safaree attempted to TAKE HER SUITCASE when he was leaving. A struggle ensued, and Safaree HIT NICKI IN THE FACE with the suitcase - BUSTING HER LIP.

Police WERE CALLED to the room. When they arrived Safaree was NOT THERE to be questioned. Police questioned Nicki - and checked her for ANY INJURIES. While they found some SUBTLE injuries, Nicki REFUSED to press charges. The officers then filed an INCIDENT REPORT - and DECLINED to issue an ARREST warrant for Safaree.


Anonymous said...

Amber is always fuckin something up

Anonymous said...

i dont believe it. Nicki looks like she can fight a man lol

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