Tuesday, June 21, 2011

NICKI MINAJ AND BRITNEY SPEARS GET INTO FIGHT AFTER SHOW!! just got some CRAZY NEWS!!! According to a member of Nicki Minaj's camp, Nicki and Britney Spears have been BUTTING HEADS during their FEMME FATALE tour . . . and on Saturday night . . . it POPPED OFF!!!.

The insider, who has been a TRUSTED INFORMANT in the past tells us, "[Britney] is upset that Nicki kept running over [her allotted] time. In Sacramento she was over about 10 minutes. But [on Saturday night in San Jose] Nicki went over by nearly 45 minutes."

And Britney, being the GHETTO chick that she is - tried to STEP to Nicki and her security team. The insider added, "Britney came by Nicki's dressing room with her [gay] dancers. They were talking sh*t like they were going to do something. Nicki came out [her dressing room] and at first was going to beat someone's azz. But when she saw how RIDICULOUS Britney and them looked, she just laughed."

WOW!!! We would pay MONEY to see Britney and her TWINKLE TOED dancers try and step to Nicki and her YMCMB goons!!!!

FYI - the tour is still scheduled to go on for another COUPLE OF MONTHS. Tonight they'll be in Los Angeles. If you're going . . . make sure you bring your CAMERA PHONES. Cause something might POP OFF on stage!!!

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Anonymous said...

i seen it coming!!! 2 diva's cant exist together for long

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