Sunday, April 24, 2011


"A Las Vegas police officer under investigation for a videotaped beating of a man has been suspended with pay pending completion of an internal investigation, police said Saturday. On the night of March 20, Crooks, 36, was standing in his driveway while videotaping police as they investigated a reported burglary across the street. When Crooks refused to stop filming, Colling allegedly attacked him -- with much of the altercation recorded by the camera. Crooks' attorney, David Otto, on Thursday sent police a statement from Crooks, along with a demand for $500,000 to cover Crooks' medial care, pain and suffering. A planned lawsuit has not yet been filed." - LAS VEGA REVIEW


Anonymous said...

fuck the police!!!

dijit47 said...

The cop clearly asked him if he lived there in the beginning of the video. And the cop politely asked him to shut off the video. Police piss me off too, but the Cop was in the right here. And you don't talk back if you're being politely spoken to. To the Cops out there, if you speak in a professional manner, you should get things done your way. But you folks out there should recognize when a policeman is being professional and respecting. And it doesn't matter if you are black or white, if you don't recognize proper commands, and if they're spoken right, you should not talk back. This cop seem to speak in a polite and professional way. The thing the Cop did right when he first showed up, was ask the camera dude if lived there, to eliminate him in this burglary that was occurring across the street. I'm on neither side, I'm just saying the Cop did the right thing first. The other guy was out of line. Should behave yourself.

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