Monday, August 2, 2010


The state of Ohio is still heated at NBA superstar, Lebron James' decision to spurn their Cleveland Cavaliers basketball team to go play with Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade for the Miami Heat.

A billboard just went up in James' hometown of Akron, Ohio that reads, "Welcome Home Lebron" with a big red X over "home". The second line asks "How Does It Feel To Be A Sidekick?". No doubt referring to the fact that the Heat is D-Wade's team and King James might have to play second fiddle to him.
NewsNet5 is reporting the idea is the brainchild of the brainchild of The Omada Group, a marketing company in Akron, that paid $3,000 for the billboard, which is on Route 18 eastbound between I-71 and I-77, about two miles from James' estate in Bath. The billboard will be up for about a month. Matthew Palumbo, one of the principals at the Omada Group, said he hopes the billboard sparks a grassroots campaign to let James know exactly where he stands in his home state since his decision to leave.

James is scheduled to return to Akron for his annual bike-a-thon charity event next weekend and is likely to pass the sign on his drive in from Cleveland-Hopkins International Airport.

The move may end up being one James' regrets. Already former players like Charles Barkley, Larry Bird and Michael Jordon have criticized the decision. Their point being he should be trying to beat Wade instead of playing with create a "super team".

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Anonymous said...

thats why he left that place cus its full of losers that cant get over shit! which company pays $3,000 to do dumb shit like this! GET A FUCKIN LIFE!

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