Friday, March 12, 2010


I'M SURE NOBODY CARE'S BUT HERE IS SOME INSIGNIFICANT NEWS... Rumor has it that Karrine Steffans and her (alleged) husband Darius McCrary are getting a divorce. The divorce papers surfaced and have been posted on some media outlets. It has been reported that actor Darius McCrary left the marriage due to Steffans aka Supahead’s constant lying. According to the court documents, he labeled her a “compulsive liar” citing she faked pregnancies and much more.


Anonymous said...

this is why you have to let hoes be hoes cus if you try to save them they not only make them selves look bad but they make you look like you aint got no sense

Anonymous said...

LMAO poor eddie winsloe

Anonymous said...

can't believe people actually bought her most recent book.. seriously? obviously she has no credibility for anyone that thought she might

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