Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Lil Wayne was sentenced yesterday after two delayed events. The Cash Money/Young Money platinum super-star had avoided sentencing last month for a dental emergency, followed by a Manhattan courthouse fire last week. Wayne arrived at New York's Riker's Island yesterday afternoon.

Wayne is expected to serve eight months from a .40 caliber gun and marijuana possession conviction stemming from a tour base search in 2007 while the rapper was on tour in Manhattan. The rapper was taken in handcuffs from court room to the prison where Styles P, Foxy Brown and Shyne have all served time

Many speculate that Wayne will remain in protective custody while in the prison, though officials have yet to confirm. While he is incarcerated, Mack Maine is expected to have a controlling hand at Young Money Records. The label will release Drake's Thank Me Later during that period.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

all that tough rap talk wayne has been talkin for years now he has to prove it... i could see them grabbing him by the hair and throwing him all around the prison LOL.

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