Friday, February 26, 2010


Amber Rose borrowing ideas from Grace Jones again to help promote Kanye West's website.


Anonymous said...

Lets spell PHOTOSHOP together:

Nice image tho!!

Anonymous said...

this girl is sexy as hell
she make me think the naughtiest thought ever

Anonymous said...

two words BAD BITCH!

Anonymous said...

hahaha@naughtiest thought ever

charles said...

i dont know this girls race but i think thats why she is attractive as hell, it's like i know nothing about her at all it makes me wanna google her and find out has much as possible but even when you google her you still wont find anything revealing about her. maybe she is just an angel that comes every once in a while

Anonymous said...

good pic now if she could just slighty turn her back towards the camera.

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