Friday, July 10, 2009


Los Angeles Police Chief Bill Bratton said he cannot rule out the possibility of homicide as it relates to the death of MIchael Jackson. Investigators have subpoenaed the pop star's medical records while many of the doctor's who treated the performer have tried to remain out of the scope of suspicion.

"Are we dealing with homicide? Are we dealing with an accidental overdose? What are we dealing with? So as we are standing here speaking, I can tell you, I don't have that information," Bratton told CNN.

His comment came just before the Jackson family patriarch, Joe, reveled his own speculations behind his son's death.

"I do believe it was foul play," Jackson told ABC News.

Depending on "corroboration from the coroner's office as to the cause of death," Bratton alluded findings from the investigation cold lead to criminal implications. Detectives are looking into five doctors, who treated Jackson in the past, and whether they supplied him with the powerful sedative, that should only be administered in a hospital, Diprivan.

Bratton said the federal DEA and the state attorney general's office, which keeps a database and recorded histry of prescription drugs, are assisting.

One of the doctors being scrutinized is Jackson's dermatologist Arnold Klein his attorney, Richard Charnley confirmed, according to the Daily News.

News of the subpoenas came as a judge approved three search warrants in the case.

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